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Rental management


Renting a property is often synonymous with complexity!

It’s an act that’s often treated trivially, yet it’s of paramount importance.

In the jungle of laws that regulate rental relationships, choosing a tenant is a high-risk test.

Missing a step can lead to irreversible consequences which will weigh heavily on your cash flow and the value of your assets.

We take care of everything: research and selection of your tenants, establishment of leases, inspections, commitment of deposits and provide the necessary guarantees.

The management of real estate assets requires legal, fiscal and technical skills whether it consists of housing, offices or commercial premises.

Our team, made up of experienced and responsive technicians, will be able to enhance your real estate by combining our fair and tailored interventions with personalized monitoring. We will take care of it all for you, to ensure the management of due notices, receipts, the rendering of your accounts, the monitoring of unpaid bills (letters, procedures), the annual verification of insurance certificates, the regularization annual charges, monitoring of any necessary work or claims, preparation of statements for declarations of property income ...

We will be able to guarantee you against possible unpaid rents but also against property deterioration and to offer you reliable legal protection.

With our knowledge of the housing and real estate markets, our legal, financial and fiscal skills, we are able to counsel and mediate for owners or tenants, as comprehensive property administrators.

Entrusting your real estate to our management services, is to ensure its sustainability.

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